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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Straw-hatted days

The title refers to what is on my head. A straw cowboy hat. Why? Because VBS is tonight and it's western themed. I am wearing a straw hat. I'm wearing that, a blue t-shirt with (guess what!) words on it, and orange-and-white plaid shorts. I'm barefoot.

This morning, me and Corrina rode around the small block of my town. It's not that large, and we didn't ride the entire town. We just went from my house to this old, abandoned old restaurant that used to serve pretty good pizza and back. My bike is yellow. Shocks, pegs, LUCKY! (Who gets that joke? I bed my dad does)

Anyways, the kickstand is broken. And Corrina's breaks don't work very well. But it was fun!

Oops, g2g. Must go to church for 2nd vbs session. PEACE not enough time to sign off or do TGW or anything.

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Tony said...

my lips hurt real bad...