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Monday, July 5, 2010


Ughmph! (Sounds of me being tired) I am exhausted! I need coffee pronto, here! Ugh! I'm not a big fall-asleep-in-the-car-and-wake-up-early-the-next-morning-type of person. Well, it's something I did anyways, because last night, coming home from the fireworks part two, I was sleeping pretty much in the CVS drugstore parking lot.

Okay, so the cookout was gross. Seriously. There's this pirate ship, and you could stand four feet away and still smell the stench of urine and feces. It was seriously gross, but I did get a burger. The cookout was fine, it in it's self. We went back to Sheesh+KK's house with Kaylyn, and I watched some of the parent trap, then Hoodwinked! (which is this awesome movie that so happened to be playing on Cartoon Network) We stayed there a really long time until Corrina and Sheesh got back from the cookout, where they were helping clean up.

I had a sandwich for dinner, and at about eight, we set off for the fireworks, which were a while away. I had to sit in the backseat, along with Sheesh and Corrina, because Kaylyn had gone with Abby, one of her friends. So we headed off!

We got there, and passed the many people selling glowy stuff on the street. No one bought any from our group, I tell you. Well, we walked past this carnival, and all this stuff, and then we found a spot outside a school parking lot. Mom took my, my sister, and cousin into CVS next door to get a snack. We came out with candy bars and fruit juice, and sat down to play "I'm thinking of an animal..."

Well, some guys had this awesome private fireworks show, and we thought that was it! But, five minutes later, the big guys came out and I finally felt like it was the fourth of July! They were huge, and awesome. They were bright, and big, and very loud! They found some other ones as we were starting to go. When we got into Auntie Fafa's car, I fell fast asleep. Corrina gave me heart attack by waking me up. We drove the way back home and here, I fell asleep FAST.

And that leads me to this morning. 0_0 wide eyes, not so wide awake. It's a long weekend because my dad gets the day off. You guys rock. Oh, and if anyone new wants to follow...DO SO!
Yours tru-lu-lu-lulu-ly,


Addie said...

Yay! I love fireworks! My dogs were so freaked out by them though...

Mizz Ali said...

haha i never realized how much i miss this blog!