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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things #6 and #7: Got totally exhausted and threw water camp

Thing six: I'm SO tired! Not my head, I mean, I don't want to go to bed or anything like that, but my body is! My neck hurts. I just need to get a little R&R and chill for a bit. But it's one of my 100 things!

Thing seven: Today, OUR family threw a water camp for the home school group. It was really fun but, like I said, I'm totally wiped out. We did these experiment things, swam in the pool, went down to the lake, went down my dad's crazy-awesome Casey-proclaimed "Swippy swide!" or the slip-'n-slide, hung out with Katie and Kyla, (and sometimes Sandra) and had jello for the snack. Yummy!

Addie, like everything I say, the thirteenth would've been random. But, uh, I said the 30Th, not the 13Th! Sorry for any mix-ups!

Right now I'm eating an orange Popsicle. I'm wearing jean shorts, a blue t-shirt, barefoot (as usual) and I've got black stud earrings in. They stick out really far. Oh, Jessica was at vbs at the other church with her friend Michelle (who dad claims is "catty" and jealous of me) and this kid named Timmy, who Jessica never stops talking about! ERG!

Well, gotta go do something else! Bye!

Yours true-and-exhaustedly,

Cassidy =)

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