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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hey guys. I've gotten quite a few comments saying "Tell us how the cookout goes", so here it is! My lovely cookout.

Well, the whole morning was pretty much eat breakfast, then work, then do chores. The boys, me, and Corrina all helped with the numerous chores that had to be done before the party. Around twelve thirty, the first guests arrived. My cousin Ronny and Christine. After them came my Uncle Chuck, Aunt Pam, and cousins CJ and Kate. So that was it for a little while, until Grammy, Aunt Terry, and, uh, Aunt Terry's boyfriend, Mike came. Then there was a lot of talking and eating.

People swam, and played games, and ate lunch. The boys woke up, then, from their naps, and joined in. About one o'clock (probably later), Aunt Vick, Uncle Dave, and Cory. That's it, the whole family. It was a LOT of fun! I got to talk to the relatives that I barely see, and it was really fun. At about five o'clock that night, people started to leave, we ate dinner, and then I got dressed out of my bathing suit. (that's what I was wearing the whole day) I put on some junky clothes: Hollister shirt and rippiest jeans. We went to the fireworks.

The fireworks were kind-of a dud. Like, really. We all got in the van, and went out to this little elementary school down in their neighborhood. Usually, the fireworks are all up in the mid-sky, but this year, we couldn't see them. Why? Because they were so low, I doubt the trees could see them. We did get a few good ones, though. High ones, I mean. And it was kind of fun, because we were messing around with the camera and taking crazy, funny pictures. The point is, with my family, anything, even lousy fireworks, become hilarious.

So, today is church, followed by Uncle John's cookout. Tell you about that later.


Mizz Ali said...

cooooooooooooool :D

Addie said...

Cool, sounds like fun! Except for the fireworks, haha... Well maybe you'll seem them again tonight!