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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ello again

It's Sunday! *_* So, yep, Jessica and Lyssa are coming to church today. Zachamary and Pizza Fish might still be in Florida, so, GOOD FOR THEM. I'm hoping they die in plane crash! Just kidding. Kinda.

Well, anyhow, Ozzy got a HAIRCUT! It's still ridiculously long. He's just a-a, uh, he's, I don't like him. So there, OZBORNE!

Okay, this is SO quick, but I wanted to post today. G2g now. Do something.

Oh, Mp3 broke. Fried in lightning storm. Must save 30 bucks for halfzies with parents. Mp3 was 2nd favorite thing. Not to pleased with self for forgetting and Casey for not reminding me to bring it in. Sony only lasted eight months. Don't really want another of those!

Yours true-but-sadly,


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Kristen said...

Aww poor you!! My camera is jacked up, if it makes you feel any better.