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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Five words: You're a lucky one, Jessica

Omigosh Jessica, you're getting the best treatment my family's gone through for one of my friends! We cleaned house this morning. Literally! I had to sweep and stuff, and hang laundry and stuff, and I'm EXHAUSTED because last night, my head, stomach, and eyes all hurt, so it took me until about eleven thirty/midnight just to get to sleep. UGH! It's so lame how eating reduced fat peanut butter can make you feel so late at night. I should think after two hours of eating, you'd feel fine, but my totally awkward body doesn't agree.

Anyways, 35 FOLLOWERS! Katie is my thirty-fifth follower on this blog! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Oh, I'm so happy I could cry! I would give the link to her blog, but it's only for her friends and family, not mine. Soz, guys. Anyways, I HAVE THIRTY FIVE FOLLOWERS! YEE-HAW!

Y'all ready for this one? So, I came downstairs this morning, to hang some laundry out on the line for a chore, right, and I see Casey watching this old show, Saved by the Bell. It's a dorky show, but it's funny to watch how people acted in the '90s. Of course, I was around in the nineties, but I was a baby! I don't really remember anything for that accord.

The weird thing about Casey watching that show wasn't that he was watching the show, it was the Spanish subtitles! Casey doesn't speak Spanish, and I have no idea how or why they were there, but it was kind of funny watching them translate stupid things like "Stud muffin" and stuff. "Super attractivo!" Can you people believe that?

Okay, so, TEN MORE POSTS UNTIL 250! That's one fourth of one thousand! AWESOME!

Oops, gotta go! More stuff to do before our prime guest of honor arrives. Have fun, Addy-OS!

Yours true-true-true-truly,



Mizz Ali said...

coooool post! loved reading it! Are you stil going to post on L&L??

Cassidy said...

Yes, in the near future, if you want me to.