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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh! I must have missed it

What? No post yesterday? Sorry, I must have missed it. Don't know why, I meant to post yesterday, but...GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS?

SUMMERTHON TIME! And I've made a special award for everyone who participated! I just MSpainted my way through this photo:
Ta-da! Sorry the words are SOOOO small, they say SUMMERTHON and SUMMERTHON AWARD in tiny letters. Well, thank you for entering, those who did! I've put together the results and here they are!

Princess Agent said:

My favorite summer memory had got to be our 4'th of july cook-out on the 5'th of july.

Well, Corrina, to be honest, I wasn't aware of such a cookout. The fiveth for July? Is that even a date? Well, no matter. If you mean the fifth of July, then yes, that was fun. I remember now.

Amber said:

My favorite summer memory is laying on the grass outside our tent when we went camping, reading my fave book and eating icecream while the sun shon. :)

Awesome! Sounds really cool. Camping is fun, I know, and eating icecream while the sun shon, mm! Sounds great! (You know I'm just teasing, right?)

Mizz Ali said:

My fave summer memory? hmm, well, it's winter now here! I'd have to say when I went to these awesome botanical gardens with my bestest friend, Ashleigh C, an old family friend! (when I say OLD, I mean I've known him forever)

Botanical. That's a really fun word to say, isn't it? Too bad I don't know what it means! Sounds like a fun place to go, though. And, I know it's winter there, because you're on the other side of the world, but, hey, it's got to be summer somewhere, right?

~Abby~ said:

Ugh I'm so bad at remembering things like this...my best summer memory? hmm...
Uhh when I was at a nearby lake, and everyone says this lake has snakes...but my family's always been "nahh there's no snakes in here" so me and my cousin were swimming, and my uncle and my cousins boyfriend were a little ways from us. And then a boat near us said "SNAKE!!!" I didn't even look back, my cousin got up on the boat, and then me. I looked out and a huge black snake was coming really fast! It was just like it was swimming on land, it wasn't even sinking. My cousin's boyfriend got on the boat, and the snake was nearly here! My uncle made it just in time! The snake just kind of stopped for a second and looked up at us, and my brother hit it with a noodle it was so funny :P Then it just went under the boat and off to other boats I guess. We would've warned the others, but the other boats were wayyy far away.
It was weird and hilarious
See, me and my cousin were right in the path of it! I'm glad those people said something, or we would've been screwed, and I would've had a panic attack AND DROWNED!
So how's that summer memory for ya?

WOW! That took my so long to re-type out! That's a long memory there! Funny, though. See, I've never really been afraid of snakes, I've been afraid of walls. And killer bees, thanks to Pizza Boy. I'll get you for that, Anthony, you'll pay! (I haven't forgotten! You'll PAY!) Well, I'd thank those people! No one likes panic attacks, let me tell you!

Well, thank you guys so much! It was really fun doing this! Whoever posted their fave memory can have the award above, it's yours for the taking! (If you didn't post a memory, you don't get the award. All entries past the deadline didn't make it and you don't get the award because I'm on strict time limit)

That's it for now, guys! See you next time!

Yours tru-fe-fa-ly,


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