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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cassidy wants to kill someone, and he's not coming tonight

Soz about that title, it's a bit irrelevant to the main topic today, buuuuuuuuuut, I think I'll explain that first. See, I checked the VBS for our church sign-up sheet over and over, and I'm possitive, Zach isn't coming! It starts tonight, and it's "Wild West" themed, so there goes the boat of anything oriented for tweens like me and Ozzy, but I guess I'll just have to go cuz mom's running it! It'll be fine, I'm sure. Maybe.

Okay, I'd like to point out to Kristen: How do you think I normally type, hehe? lqtm. I don't often have to look at the keyboard, or the screen in general, sometimes. I write so much, I've memorized my keyboard backwards. It's a qwerty. And I love it.

Onto the main topic: There's ANOTHER social worker coming to my house today. His name is Kevin. It's a guy. We've had mostly lady social workers come before. Oh, for those new people, I have two foster brothers and had a foster sister. I'm not going to be taken away or anything, but social workers come every so often to talk about peanuts and dog poop and things that don't matter much. That's what ALL adults talk about!

Yeah, this is a bit of a short post. Oh, I think I'm going to start another blog. Not in place of this one, don't worry, heh heh, but I want another blog to keep me busy! And I don't think WOC2 is of much use. I might replace that.

Yours TURLY! (haha)



Anonymous said...

Love your blog, keep posting more! :)

Loulou said...

Hope the meeting goes well!

Kristen said...

awesome. i have a QWERTY also--i really want a Japanese keyboard!!! ^o^