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Monday, July 19, 2010

The mp3 hunt (smartshopping for the mp3s with Cass)

I must save 35 bucks to buy another mp3 player. Dad checked out some mp3 prices this morning. There are a lot of them at Walmart. I saw a cool one that was touch-screen, takes video and pictures, pretty cool, 8 gig, but the headphone jack doesn't work. Great.

I also seemed to spot a Zune. EXPENSIVE! One hundred, sixty-eight dollars and ninety cents. AH! How did Pizza Boy end up with that one? Don't even think about it. If I'm saving up, I don't want to have to go that far for an imitation Ipod.

Nanos are too fruity and too popular for me. SanDisks are terrible quality, I've had one. Terrible, terrible, awful, terrible. Ugh, never get one. Sansa's don't hold enough, Ipod touches break far too easily. Also expensive, and I don't go that far.

I'd only advise a Sony 8 gig mp3. They're about seventy bucks, and great quality. Very easy to use and pretty modern. They hold pictures, videos, music, play lists, and click-and-drag quick sync onto the devise. I loved mine, and I need another. But it won't be as cool as my other one, because that one was bought for me, lqtm.

See, we read the reviews for some. Except I'd rather not look at Zune. Um, yeah, don't even go there. Sure, they're hd and have all this space and they're fancy and expensive, but I don't want to save that much.

You'd be far better off with a classic, old-fashioned Walkman then an almost two-hundred dollar mp3.

Yours true-market-savvy-leeeeeeeee,


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