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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today is the third of July, and it's going to be totally AWESOME! Okay, so, as I've mentioned before, today is the day of my dad's not-that-anual 3rd of July cookout! All of my relatives on dad's side are coming over here for an awesome BBQ! How awesome is that?

As if that simply weren't enough, tonight, me, Aunt Fran, my cousins Robbie and Ronny (along with Christine, who's Ronny's wife), Corrina, and dad are going to see the FIREWORKS in Shannon's block, so I can safely assume that I'll be seeing my BFF tonight as well.

I'm so excited! But I only have a minute to blog today because I need to help get everything ready for the party this afternoon. Everybody pray that Aidan and Casey behave themselfs! We don't need this to turn out like one of my Auntie Fafa's cookouts. We all know where that gets us. Spraying Zach with a hose and going home barefoot, sunburned, wet, and laughing. Or just eating chips and/or preventing Zach and Pizza Boy from eating all of them before hand.

Good times. But my dad's cookout isn't geared twards eleven-year-olds who do nothing but try and make eachother feel unhappy/wet/misrable. It's geared twards teenagers and middle-age people, because I might want to point out that I am fourth youngest in that family. Up from me is CJ, then Katie (cousin not friend), then Cory, then Robbie, then Ronny. Down from me are Corrina, Aidan, and little Casey, who's the youngest on both sides.

Ow! I have a cut on my finger and it's driving me crazy! Okay, g2g. Stay cool and I'm gonna start doin' it again. 0_0

Yours truly,



Loulou said...

Hope you have a bunch of fun!!!

Mizz Ali said...

have fun!

Addie said...

Sounds like fun! Can I come?! Lol. Just kidding.

Have fun, and don't forget to tell us how it goes!