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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's golden words

In the past few blog posts, I have had morals to share, but have never really had a point of blog to put them. It's stupid and awkward, but in my blogs in the future try and check the labels part of the blog to see the moral and my point of the blog narrowed down. So, yes, I am actually trying to be efficient for once. I have homework! So wonderful getting homework on the Internet. Well, I want the look up on gesticulates.I wish to know this for no peculiar reason but because I like enlarging my vocabulary. Miss Polly and Corrina are watching home alone 2.We haven't seen the first. But the first one was downstairs, and so they didn't want to go down there to get it. Pastor Mike has kind of ditched out on typing lessons. Sorry to rub that in your face, Pastor Mike, but We haven't got off of RTYU yet. Well, gotta go.

See ya tomorrow!



BostonBrown said...

I haven't been around...and not by choice. We'll expand your typing skills.

BostonBrown said...

I responded to your comment on today's blog. You should check it out.