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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The cassowary

Hi everyone! Me and my sister, Corrina, are learning about Australia. In Australia, there is a very large bird called a cassowary. They even wrote a song about it. Sing a long, if you want. And it has to be out loud. (To the tune of 'I'm a little tea pot')

I'm a cassowary,
A great big bird
I can't fly.
Have you heard?
Also, I am cute and shy,
That's the word
I'm a cassowary,
A great big bird

Is that not awesome? That is wicked cool! I love that song! It's catchy. I wonder if anyone else here has a song with their nickname in it. Do tell. I have a homework assignment for you who comment. I want a definition of eucalyptus. In English, Pastor Mike, please! And yes, that is due tomorrow. By the time there is a post in front of this, I want a respondent, O.k.? Sounds good. Well, if we must have time left I have a question. WHO IS ANONYMOUS?????I'm getting annoyed here! Come on up and tell me!If no one tells me who you are, person, you are forbidden from this blog! Or at least commenting. You're distracting the other readers.Miss Polly and Pastor Mike ask me every Thursday when I'm at their house, "Have you found out who anonymous is yet?" and I keep on having to say NO. Darn it,tell me!

See you soon, bring homework!


1 comment:

BostonBrown said...

Haha. Cool.

I don't think I can do lessons tomorrow, b/c I have somewhere to go.