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Friday, November 7, 2008

This blog's new look

Hi everybody! Check out all this cool new stuff that's here in the insane world of cassidy! It's all thanks to Pastor Mike, who put all this stuff here. Take the poll, become a follower,there's so much more to do here now. The world of cassidy has been expanded. When you become a follower, your icon shows up and you can see all my posts on your blogger dashboard. If other people reading this click on your icon, they can go take a peek at your blog. But, you have to have this feacher on your blog to be able to follow. I think I'm the only one following this blog, so click away. Thank you again Pastor Mike, for all your help. Become a follower here so people can see such is life.( That's his blog name.) So take the poll, become a follower, read the funny blogs, have some fun in the world of cassidy!

Take the pole!



Anonymous said...

i like the new look.

BostonBrown said...

you're welcome.

Lester Pife Jonkonkovich said...

me too.