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Friday, November 21, 2008

Be nice

Today I was reading my devotional and I found the most wonderful thing since pie! It was about how we should be nice to each other and not expect any reward. When you do something nice, you expect a reward for your "niceness". Well, did the good Samaritan expect a reward? Nope. It doesn't even say he got a darn "thank you". Come on and wake up, guys! You don't need a reward for being a good person. And, bigger, can we ever say "thank you" enough for what Jesus did? He DIED for us. Is that more or less important than helping pick up your friends books? Can we thank that guy to much? No. God is a jealous god. He likes it when we worship him and call him mighty. It's just telling God the truth! Remember to check the label for today's golden words. Those down there are the only words that mean anything. So, next time you give someone a band-aid when they're hurt or help find your little sisters teddy bear, don't ask when it's done "Do I get a thank you?" Yeah, they should thank you, but remember not to ask for one, but to give one to God. Remember, he saved your sins.

Thank you for your time,



BostonBrown said...

you're absolutely right. thank you for helping to remind us of that. you're a good kid.

Polly said...

okay. i agree. but do i HAVE to be nice to pastor mike?? :o)