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Monday, November 29, 2010

ugh! LEO!

Tonight was another rehearsal. And as you may tell by the excitement in the tone of my typage, it wasn't a glorious one. This show is going to be interesting.

First things first, our lead role wasn't there half the time. Leo was too busy still moping around being sad about Mikaela, his ex-girlfriend who happens to be in this show as well, to do his lines. So Mikaela read them. How ironic. Finally, half-way through the show, Erin said she'd go "fix" Leo and dragged him out. Apparently, they finished the Grinch costume.

He looked like a green cupcake with feet and a fuzzy hat.

No one could remember a single line today, too. Mary Kate had two lines in her solo. TWO. LINES. "You're a vile one, Mister...uh, mister...line!"

Grinch. Mister Grinch. It's who the whole darn shows about! MISTER FRIKIN GRINCH!

And thanks to Pierce quitting, our blocking is thrown off. And nobody was having a whole lot of fun. Especially Ian. Taylor threw him off the stage today (well, actually, she more of pushed him) and he was a little irked after that.

And Holly choked me. Willow tripped on my leg. Emma stepped on my foot. And we accomplished nothing.

Haha, well, such is life. The show'll be fine on opening night, though, right? Yeah, no worries. I've never been a huge worrier. Leo will get it together, Mary Kate will realize what show she's in, Holly will notice that I'm walking by her, and Carly will learn that when onstage, announcing you need to use the bathroom is not appropriate.

Cassidy the Monisa


Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Don't worry you guys will it pull it together in time! But that is one crazy rehearsal! Feel better :)

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Oh my gosh that was HILARIOUS!!!! Especially the part about Mary Kate forgetting her line!!!! Don't worry I bet the show will be great at the end!!
-- Jen

Addie said...

Haha oh wow what a rehearsal!! Sounds fun actually... reading this made me miss drama class in 7th grade!

Loulou said...

Wow, sounds like our final week of rehearsal, when our lead in guys and dolls quit, it was pretty sad. But this one highschooler who was helping out stepped in and learned his lines in 2 weeks!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! he is awesome!