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Monday, November 15, 2010

A to the w to the a to the r to the d

Hola alla yalls. I got an award from the wonderful, funny, and very nice Loulou. And here it be:

If you know what versatile means, I'd like to meet you.

Okay! Now we have some requirements.
1: thank and link back to the persona who gave you the award.
2: Share 7 things about yourself.
3: Pass it along to seven blogs that you've recently found and enjoy.


1: Thanks sooooo much, Loulou! You can check out Loulou's blog Loulou's Lil'Bits here

Next step: 1 I can play piano
2 I have an imaginary friend named Greg
3 I hate socks and puffy winter coats
4 Even though I like a lot of people, I only have four best friends
5 I'm a terrible singer
6 When I was little, I took karate for about three weeks. I just wanted to do the obstacle course, but not any of the actual stuff. :)
7 I hate all kinds of soup

And numba three

1: Katie
2: Maria
3: Amber
4: Jade
5: Lily
6: Corrina
7: Tiff

Yay! Okay, now I've been told to leave comments for these guys and if you got the award, you should too! Bye! <3


Loulou said...

Hey!!! You are much to kind! And i like them pics you put up under the words my story!!! LIKEEEE!!! <3

Miss Shivi said...

only 4 best friends?! lucky, I don't really have any... gosh that's depressing of me :P