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Friday, November 5, 2010

We've been invaded!

...By the sets of Tommy. At rehearsal yesterday, our director, Erin, told the whole group that the sets of Tommy were building up and that for 90% of the day, since the other rooms are invaded, Kid's Tour and Center stage would be combined. That means the older kid's group was IN WITH US almost the WHOLE TIME.

So we didn't do a whole lot. Mostly, we watched Kid's Tour do their blocking (which is a fancy term for moving while saying their lines) for the Grinch. We had to sing when we knew the words. And the older kids certainly have been busy.

Well, Leo (this sixteen-year-old guy who looks like he's about twenty-five) is the Grinch, and he does fine. He's got a really deep voice. And there are four kid whos, Cindy-Lou who (played by an eight-year-old Asian girl with glasses named Emily), Danny who (played by Ian, the director's son who's in love with me), JP who (played by Pierce, the gay boy) and, uh, a teenage girl who who's name escapes me. (Played by a teenage girl who's name escapes me)

Their show so far consists of everybody talking in funny voices and spazzing around the stage singing and shouting "Who likes Christmas!" "I DO!" "WE DO!" And then we got a nice moment of Pierce hugging Ian in his sleep.

So as you can see, our rehearsals are rather interesting.

Not to mention that me, Anthony, and Ian were late for rehearsal because of Ian's water bottle (yeah, I don't want to go into detail with that) and dad was a few minutes late.

We ended early (which is rather uncommon; we usually end late) because all the parents were there. Erin split, ditto with Liz, our music director, and so only Darcy, the assistant director, was left. All the other kid's rides were there, and that left me, Anthony (who's father hadn't come), Cassia and Willow (Darcy's daughters) and Darcy.

I waited outside for a minute with Anthony (who whined that he couldn't get any service) in the cold rain until dad came. He really wasn't all that late, but the director told me I had to go outside and look for him. Yup.

Hopefully you found this post interesting, because it was very interesting to live. :) 

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