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Sunday, November 21, 2010

how the heck do i have energy to post?

But I do. I'm so exhausted that I think my fingers will fall off whilst I type, but I love you guys so much I think I have enough strength to do this after three naps today.

Last night was the church youth all-nighter. I got there at seven and hung out with Krista and her friend, I think her name was Kirsten. Everyone had Monsters or sodas or sugar packets (that was me) to keep them up. We were planning on no-sleep.

The night was so fun! We played hide-and-go-seek in the dark, board games, and someone had Rockband. Ozzy invaded that pretty quickly, and screamed into the mic making the most obnoxious, off-key, high-pitched noises. We didn't really play while he did, at risk of getting headaches.

We watched Napoleon Dynamite. And we were all mostly still awake. Then we hit the three o'clock in the morning DEATH WAVE.

Anyone who's ever stayed up all night, run a marathon, been drunk all night, or anything like the following, you should know that at one point, you feel like you're pretty much going insane. Luckily, we had a wimp party of Morgan, Steph, Ozzy, Jacob, Bethany, and Summer. But those of us who were too proud to sleep pressed on, even if it meant going insane.

The weird things we did were in the foyer, I'll make this clear. It was me, Kirsten, Krista, Corin, Corin's boyfriend, Josh or Jeremy or something, and this guy named Jessie, who was really odd. And it was us pretty much slowly but surely losing our minds.

When I noticed that if I slapped myself, I could stay awake, I found that Jessie, Corin, and that kid with a J name were WHACKING A BLANKET. Why, I still do not know. They just whacked it. For some purpose of their own.

Jessie came out of the kitchen around 3:30 with this gross pepper popper he kept shoving in my mouth trying to get me to eat. I don't know what his problem was, because he was Corin's friend, and he probably should've been shoving gross food at her.

So, yeah. Then he put it on top of my HEAD and then I finally took a bite because he was SO annoying. It was really gross. Really. And then we just talked gibberish until five, when we all kinda woke up.

We cleaned up and played more rock band. Then we all had to clean up and eat breakfast and stuff like that. I admitted defeat along with Ozzy, Morgan, Bethany and Jacob and finally fell asleep at seven o'clock in the morning and slept like a baby until about nine thirty.

I've taken several naps and am totally exhausted. Goodnight now, I have to sleep or I'll collapse. I'll go to bed nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Hey. What's up? Homies! Hahaha. So rude! I'm done.

That was an announcement from Krista. Who I think is too extremely tired to be logical and not notice that I typed so rude and no one even knows what we're talking about.

The end.

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Loulou said...

Of course I will put your blog online!!!!! On my blog page i mean!!!! And your 3 comments make me feel so much cooler!!! I LOVE YOU!!