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Friday, November 12, 2010


YAHOO I'M TWELVE THAT'S TEN PLUS TWO AND I'M SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER EXCITED! And in honor of that I spent all this morning watching Fred videos and drinking coffee coolatas and eating chocolate Munchkins! (Special thanks to dad for hookin' me up with the yums)

I have too much to talk about! Katie, Shannon, Bridged, and Jessica came to my sleepover and we stayed up till midnight! My presents were the greatest things ever, I got a wicked hat and shirt from mom and dad, along with, like, forty bucks! <3

From Shannon and Bridged, I got a water bottle full of random stuff! This included tootsie pops,  a bouncy ball, a Lego action figure, and a Pokemon card.

Jessica's card was cute, it had a dog with cheese curls on his face on it. She also gave me a book and twenty bucks!

We made movies, talked, watched a movie, watched YouTube, and played video games. We had a lot of fun, and on my cake was a LLAMA! It was awesome. Yeah, and on Sunday, I get to go over Grammy's for other presents and stuff! If I get forty more dollars, I have enough for a FLIP CAMERA!!!!! :D

BTW, Aunt Terry, when you called earlier, I was watching YouTube and didn't hear the phone ring. Sorry.

Okay, well, I'm gonna finish my coolata. In the meantime, please enjoy Charlie the Unicorn.

Oh, gosh, I love this video.

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Loulou said...

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! and in a year you will be joining the wonderful world of teens!!! And i bet you cant wait!!!! I know i was sooo excited!!!! Oh well, here is a song

happy happy birthday, from all of us to you
we know you'll like your present, we picked it just for you!!!
Your present is.......
<3 there you go!!!!