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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sides of Cassidy

I'm a very individualistic person, and I always do my own thing. If everyone else is white, then I will be blue. But I'm not always the same; I think the "side" of me changes with emotions or who I'm around.

The funny side: Well, some people tell me I'm funny all the time, but there's actually (I know how weird this is) a time when I'm funniest. Whenever I'm concentrating hard on something (I mean, REALLY hard) I actually think that I'm funniest. How odd is that?

The shy side: This is a rare occurrence. I'm very outgoing. But sometimes, I kinda blend into corners and stay by myself. Usually, you can get me to snap out of this by talking to me or showing me something cool. This only happens when, like, the friend that I was with vanishes to go talk to someone else and I don't know anyone else at the place.

The thoughtful side: I'm constantly goofing off and making my friends do stupid things, but sometimes I'm really quiet and observing. This is when I "frenzie" my poems/song lyrics. I use the term frenzied because this mood is another rare one.

The Aidan-and-Casey side: This is my goofier, tickle-monster side that I use around little kids. They seem to enjoy it.

The cousins side: Here's a list of my cousins: Ronnie, Rob, Katie, CJ, Cory, (I guess you'd count Christine, Ron's wife) Felicia, Kaylyn, Jordan, Hunter, Kalina, Bethany, Paige, Sage, Nicole, and Harry (named after Uncle Harry). I don't see them (except Sheesh and KK) a whole lot, but when I'm with my younger cousins, I am the boss of them. Just kidding!!! No, we usually have a good time, and I show them how older kids have fun. This means not playing with Barbies.

The youth side: When I'm at youth group or something where I'm hanging out with the older kids, I tend to be a little more calm and less hyper, but I don't show off or anything dumb.

The church-class side: My middle school group is a chaos-zone. Here, I make sure the class goes on without being boring (not that Tom or Jeanie are ever boring, of course) and liven it up with my skills of making people laugh and not be bored.

The friends side: When I'm hanging out with Shannon, Jessica, Krista, or anyone else who I consider my friend, I be myself. Of course, if I'm playing video games, it's the funny side. If we're in class, then it's the church-class side. With my close friends, I'm whoever I want to be. That's what makes us friends. :) :)

(PS. I've only been getting three comments per post these past few posts. Am I getting boring? Oh no. That's not a good sign. Well, comment about how I can get more comments!)


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

I love the last bit, so true!!!!!! :D

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting, school is taking up all my time so I can only comment about once a week now :( Your posts aren't boring!
You have so many sides, you're an all-rounder. I'm like that too; if I'm by myself (without a friend, I mean) I'm really quiet, but when my friend arrives BAM! I'm loud again.

Brookie said...

i absolutely love this post! and your doing nothing wrong with your posts, just remember to comment on other blogs as much as possible and maybe add more pictures to your posts :)
your comment almost made me cry (in a good way) thank you soooooo much!!!

Mike Brown said...

Polly and I appreciate all of those sides. And, believe it or not, I have a rare shy side too. Sometimes you just need to be alone with your thoughts.