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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zach and Krista are HIGH

We're at the superbowl, and we decided it'd be a great idea to give Krista and Zach a bunch of sugar and then let them lose it. Well, now they're all CRAZY. They can barely talk English. I'm gonna make them talk to you:

Hi Mr. Person Sir. I like....coffee. Teehee.-Zach (He's reading what I said...he can't read. :) :)

(Still reading)

(He's laugh) (No, he's more of giggling) (I think he's gonna lose it soon) (He lost it like thirty minutes ago.)

I slipped and fell on the stairs. That was fun, hitting my head.-Krista She's talking about Elmo now...they're really out of their minds. I took videos. I'll upload them. They're seriously reading over my shoulder (barely) because they can't really read right now. Zach just whacked Krista. Krista's crying. Zach just passed out OMIGOSH!!!!

Sorry. He just collapsed on the floor. (I wonder how long they're going to be conscious) They're a combination of hyper, high, and drunk. Zach's, like, cross-eyed. They're talking to themselves, I can't understand them.

They're all giggly. I'd better go, y'know, keep them awake. :) :)


Loulou said...

Wow... I, dont really know what to say... Hope they are both fine. Anyways, ummm, hi!!!! Yea, im akaward!!! <3

Mike Brown said...

I think there's quite a bit of hyperbole being used in this blog post.

T-WAC said...

Sounds like my siblings every day!