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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Award for free/400TH POST!!!

It's time for another one of my famed SPLIT-TOPIC POSTS!

1: I got an award!
Is it not lubbely? Brookie said that anyone could take it, so I took it.
Seven random facts about myself:
1: I'm wearing a gray sweatshirt right now.
2: I have a YouTube account and have 84 video views already.
3: My dad's training to be a pastor.
4: I loved Pooh Bear when I was a little kid, as well as Blue's Clues and Teletubbies. (All US adorable kid's shows)
5: My brothers Aidan and Casey are adopted.
6: I'm allergic to tree nuts, not peanuts, and I had a reaction on Sunday. I had trouble breathing. I'm also vegetarian!
7: I like doing split-topic posts to save time and posts.

Okay, now I award:
Loulou- I'm glad that you've found Tumblr, but we're going to miss you if you leave. Tell me if you do so I can throw you a going away party.
Abby-A Random Blog!
Jade-Bug Being Bug
Melanie-The Purple Lab
and Aoife-Ace of Aoife


It's my four hundreth post!!!! YAY!!! Okay, I have to go now. BYE


Loulou said...

AHHH I LOVE YOU!!!! And i have decided that I am staying!!! And maybe ill just make a Tumblr Blog for me close friends, but I am KEEPING MY BLOGGER BLOG, k! So you dont need to worry love!!! <3

Jade said...

wow! 400 posts? i only have 97... how long have you been blogging for? and thanks for awarding me!

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Oh Cassidy! :)
You never fail to make my day even brighter ♥♥♥
All I can say is : THANK YOU X A MilLION.
I'm serious.
I feel like I don't deserve half the awards I get from you haha :)
And I've gotten half of them from you! More than half! So thank you so much for making a wonderful blog and letting us enjoyy it.
400 posts?! I think I have like...40...how long have you been blogging girl?!
Haha, Love you Cass!