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Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is a post mainly to Pmike, so the rest of you just sit tight. Read it, though.

I CAN'T DO THE VIDEO TODAY. Parents say we need to get the house ready for real estate agents. LOULOU NEVER GOT BACK TO ME. I'm not ready! I need another week. Hope you get this message before church!!!!


I can't really congratulate you right now. I was kinda counting on you here to do your stuff. I did the job myself. Not happy Cassidy. I hope you understand that when I granted you this task, I rather assumed that you'd get back to me ASAP. If you were punished or something, I understand, but please explain this!

Okay, guys! So sorry about that, but blogfest (if it happens at this point) will be soon. PLEASE SIT TIGHT! Thanks.


Aoife. said...

Aw, we can all wait one more week, Cassidy!! Don't get too stressed out over it, it's gonna be great in the end.

Aoife. said...

Oh, I wasn't saying that being size-0 is bad, I'm just saying that she is accepting of who she is, and isn't striving to be something that she's not. Just to clear things up. :)