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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines day to everyone. Today I got a box of chocolates and A PAIR OF PURPLE CONVERSE SNEAKERS from my parents!!!! What did you get? Who's your valentine? :) :)


Jen @ The Purple Pants said...

Those sneakers sound awesome!!!! Yay for purple!!! :D

Coco luv said...

I got pretty much the same thing you got, exept my sneakers are zebra print!

And as to my valentine, NO ONE!!

Happy Veelintines day!


Mike Brown said...

My valentines (yes, I had two) were my beautiful wife Polly and adorable daughter Genevieve. They each gave me a card and a box of homemade sugar cookies.

Glad you had a great day!

shannon said...

I don't have a valentine,
I did get a donut, and a cupcake, and some friut punch, some ice cream, and a bunch of valentine cards from my siblings.

Icebat said...

no valentine. just J.M who is a friend. *sigh* ONE DAY! but i got a hug. thats all. GOOD ENOGUH