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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Well, when Sonic the Hedgehog turns into Yu-Gi-Yo on the CW, it's clearly time for me to blog.

Okay, so I won't admit that I like watching kid's cartoons on weekends, but only shows that I like. Yu-Gi-Yo is just lame. (Sorry if I offended any Yu-Gi fans out there) I like the really dorky ones, like GogoRiki and Winx Club and Mew Mew Power, stuff that I used to watch when I was younger.

So, yep, toast and eggs for breakfast, mom and dad are going out on a date and the boys are visiting their grandfather. The boys are watching cartoons and Corrina's eating breakfast. Obviously, I'm blogging.

On to a rather random topic, seriously, did anyone know that all babies are born with blue eyes? How weird is that? I didn't know that until recently, last term we studied the human eye. Now we've moved on to the ear. Who knows the name for the ear flap? Auricle.

Oh, sorry! Sonic's back on! Who knew they were back-to-back episodes? :) :) Gotta go back on the couch and watch my share of the speedy blue hedgehog! :)


Jessica said...

I LOVE sonic, and haven't watched in a while Yugio, but as a kid and still today I love those shows!!!


Loulou said...

and its nice to see you posting again!!! I did your tag and I Also changed some things on my blog!!! I'll leave you the surpris of finding out what it is !!!!

T-WAC said...

I'm not a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh or Sonic, but, for the record, I think that Slifer the sky dragon could kick Sonic's butt any day.

Oh, and speaking of shows based on video games, have you ever seen the super mario brothers TV show?
They ditched the Italian accents!
He doesn't say "mamma mia!" every time he dies! Isn't that lame?

Oh and did you know that they have a Legend Of Zelda show too?
I've seen it at redbox.
Never actually watched it though.

T-WAC said...

All babies are born with blue eyes? That is weird.....

Jade said...

yeah, i know about the bue eyes thing. it's cool :)