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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Must-read post.

Okay, well, I know that I've kinda been hiding something under a darklight with you guys for a little bit. I've mentioned that my family had a decision we had to make, and that I wasn't revealing the exact problem just jet. Well, sorry to keep you all in suspence. (Heh, especially Aunt Terry!) However, I will now explain the whole thing:

As a lot of you know, I am a fairly normal tween girl. I listen to pop music, play video games, I go to church, I have little brothers. But I'm also different in a lot of ways. One of those ways is the fact that I am homeschooled.

You've all asked me a lot of questions about me being homeschooled. And it's fun. I know lots of families do it, and it's a way of keeping your kids away from all the bad stuff they're going to witness in public school.

Well, I've been homeschooled since first grade. Two of my friends, Shannon and Katie, are homeschooled, too. But I barely ever see them. My mom really does try, but I can't honestly feel like a normal kid with a normal social life while homeschooling.

I've been feeling very lonely, depressed, and alone for a long while. Really, I was getting obsessed with this blog to make up for my lack of sociality. I was depending on Aoife and Loulou and Brookie for the friends I wasn't talking to here. Really, my social life was a blog page, full of comments from girls I've never even met.

I love you guys, but I needed something more. In December, I realized that my life cannot revolve around a misfiring browser box. I have my needs to. So I began considering SCHOOL and talked to my parents, praying about it for eternity.

They said that I could go to private school. You know, those ones that cost MONEY. It seemed like a great plan, Cassidy could go back, the others could stay home, and everything would be perfect. But it really wasn't perfect at all.

Think about it. Mom would have to get a job, drive tons of hours for me, and still have to homeschool the others. Money would be tight and we'd have no family time except car rides and dropoffs. I wouldn't be able to see Jessica or Shannon MORE, I'd see them less because I'd be going to a far away land, full of preppy, Christian girls with lots more money then us.

My grades aren't that great. I've gotten lectures about trying my best and double checking. Most of the time, I didn't double check or anything. I whizzed through to do the stuff that I wanted to do, instead of the important stuff. Mom and dad said that if I didn't get my grades up, there wouldn't be a way to send me away to one of these schools.

I wanted it to be over. I wanted to confusion and mystery to be over. I prayed to God, asking for his help.

We asked what Christian school I should go to.

But notice that sentance. We were missing the whole thing. Look at that sentance. Look really close. Don't you see it? That work in the middle: CHRISTIAN.

We were knocking at the wrong door. My mom called me in today with the answer. She said that there's no way I can minister to others IN A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. She can't hide me from middle school. Middle school can't hide from me.

Yep. I'm taking a journey from the land of unknown to the much-feared middle school. We never considered it. But think about it: I'm a people person. I come on strong and stick. I make friends easily. I don't like to brag, but, people say I'm funny, original, and I could make it.

I could just be the loner. I could be the person no one likes. I could be the weird kid with her nose in a comic book and headphones in her ears. I could be rejected miserably.

Or I could whirl middle school around and make a change in the whole school. There's nothing stopping me from dominating the local junior high. I could revolutionize the way the world thinks of vegetarians, of kids who don't smoke, of underdogs, of Christians.

That's it. That's what I was keeping from you. Tell me what you think. Wish me luck, or discourage me. I don't care. But I'm taking middle school by storm, and no bully, principal, or presidant can stop me.


Icebat123 said...

Well, I know exactly what the pain of not knowing is like. Its happening to me now right this very second but anyway.. GOOD LUCk :} (smiley with a gotee)

- martine

Brookie said...

Cassidy, I'm so proud of you! You will do FINE in middle school! It's really not that scary...it's cool becuase Middle School are the years where you 'find yourself' I know it sounds cheesy but it's true. But brace yourself for some drama. Middle school has a lot of that going on, but it's all part of growing up and becoming a teenager! Like I said, don't worry. You'll be just fine. And even though we're only cyber-buddies, we are always here for you, your not alone!

T-WAC said...

Sure middle school has it's... weird stuff that goes on....
But honestly, if you go into school with the attitude you have, with your shoulders back and your head held high, nothing will stand in your way.
You have confidence, and if people want to mess with someone, they're not going to mess with someone with confidence like yours.
I have much more that I want to say, but this is a comment, and comments are generally supposed to be short. But to sum it all up in two short sentences:
Conquer the middle school!
Rock on!

T-WAC said...

If the last one was too long, here's a shorter comment: Your a Christian. And Christians can take on anything.

Lily said...

Cassidy, you will love public school. I love being public schooled myself. But then again, I've never been homeschooled so I have nothing to compare it too. And you'll be absolutely fine. I know it :)

Aoife. said...

Cassidy!! You scared me half to death with your first paragraph, I was getting so nervous reading it! But, I'm really happy that your stepping outside your comfort zone and going to public school. I've never been homeschooled, I'm not even sure what middle school is (we've got different system over here) and I've never even met you, but you seem like the kind of person alot of people will like.
Good Luck!!
(and sorry for the long comment too :))

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't go to public school but middle school is the same every where. I'm so excited for you!!! You're gonna dominate!!!!!! Middle school is an adventure. (sorry that was cheesy) It's pretty easy to get by in middle school if you're nice to everybody. I'm so incredibly excited for you!!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!! Go Cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Oh yeah and I know a boy who was homeschooled last year and he goes to my school now and he's doing just fine, no he has a bunch of friends and is super nice!!!!!

~Abby~ said...

So...you're going to a public school?

And if you want to know why I took a blog break, read this post..it'd mean a lot: