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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to be a sucessfull blogger

Hi alla yous out there! I now am aware that I have SIXTY-TWO FOLLOWERS (dance) on this blog!!! Thank you to Finn. Well, sometimes I'm asked what keeps me going and, heh, how am I so awesome. So I will now share my blogging secrets with all who care!!!
ALL CAPS FIRST SENTANCE: Very important, don't skip this one.
Ends with an exclamation point!: This is a good tip, but it's not absolutely neccesary.
Ends with a period.: These are my personal reccomendations, not standard.

1: The classic saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" is one of my mottos for this blog. If I don't have ANYTHING to talk about, then I usually don't post. Sometimes, it's the complete opposite, and I have to do split topic posts.

2: BE CREATIVE, ORIGINAL, AND YOURSELF. Your blog should express how YOU see things. Sometimes, you might want to re-word things, or correct yourself, but if it sounds like a completely different person, there's a big chance that you'll be setting out a wrong image to people. Like if you're a fourteen-year-old girl, but sound like a thirty-year-old lady.

3: If you follow other blogs, who knows, maybe they'll follow you back. They might even read all your posts, leave tons of comments, and award you all the time!

4: Never, ever, ever, EVER make the drastic mistake of using your email address or website link as your username! Not only does this give away some information you might not want to, it also a) hides your real name and leaves that odd mystery, and b) confuses people.

That last one was, again, to (two friends of mine, who shall remain nameless. I saw you at MRS. ELISA'S HOUSE TODAY) who have been USING THEIR EMAILS AS BLOGGER NAMES and confusing the heck out of my father! Dad: So, now, who's T-WAC? Me: Oh, that's, uh, ******** (The name of this blogger. I'm not sure if he wants us to tell him his real name). Dad: Oh. Who said......blahblahblah... Me: Still him.

5: BE NICE. If you always sound mad or angry, then chances are people aren't going to be all that happy reading your blog. If you're happy, postitive, and funny, there's a better chance. I'm not saying you can never blog you emotions, like angry or depressed, but if you're ALWAYS sad, don't blog until your depression is cleared up.

6: Chose a topic that you think will interest people. Some of my posts that got great feedback are my videos, the doctor's office, and about me going to middle school. If all you blog about is your breakfast (Today I had toast and jam...) there are slim odds that someone's going to follow you.

7: POST OFTEN. If your averege is once every two months, nobody will read your blog! My thing is that if you haven't posted in SIX MONTHS, no matter how much I love your blog, I will stop following and remove you from my blog list.

8: Read other people's blogs! Everyone loves it when they get comments or new followers, so if you want others to do it to you, at least drop by SOMETIMES. Do on to others as you want them to do to you!

9: Theme your blog. Mine is sneakers and the life of a typical tween girl. Some others I like are themed on middle school (Jen in the Purple Pants), vegetarian cooking (Addie), and chocolate (Corrina.) Rambling is awesome, but if your blog is so free, it's a jumble-ish mess, no one can say what they like about it, like, "hey, I like your sneaker pictures."

10: Post pictures, videos, and quotes to liven up your posts! Nothing to say, but haven't posted in three weeks? Upload pictures from your camping trip in Nevada, or a funny video you and your friends made! You'll get comments about if people like them, AND you'll get comments saying how much people like your pretty face!! (Or handsome!)

11: DON'T GET COCKY. If you've just topped 250 followers, don't be a jerk, leave comments about how your blog is better, stop following blogs with less followers then yours, or think you'll get an award or something. Do a post about how excited you are, and then DROP IT. No one wants a show-off.

12: If you're going on vacation, announce it! Don't leave everyone hanging by just saying, "alright, bye for today!" and then disappearing for two weeks! This gets people worried if you're not posting. Make sure that if you don't include it in your blog post, that you put it off to the side on your sidebar or header. This is a DEFINITE for those of you who post every day.

13: DON'T GET OBSESSED/FORCE YOURSELF. If blogging is stressing, work, or boring to you, STOP. If blogging is a must and if you don't blog, you feel worried, sick, or need to computer, STOP. Blogging is fun and I blog nearly every day. IT IS NOT OKAY. Calm down and relax. If it gets bad, delete your blog for the better part.

These are my personal reccommends, but you don't need to follow every one. But if the last one is a problem for you, talk to me or someone else. Blogging is fun! Don't trouble yourself. :) :)

Next time, I might upload another video. :P (Only if you guys leave comments!)


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

This is great!!!! So true!!!! I'm bookmarking it!!!!
Thanks for mentioning me!!!
Oh and I was going to give you the Stylish Blogger Award!!! So if you get it twice that's why!!
Great, great, GREAT post!!! I'm gonna email it to my friends!!!

T-WAC said...

This is excelent! Thanks for the info!

Mike Brown said...

I like these.

Of course, I'm also big on promoting my blog on alternative sources. For example, I set my facebook status to my blog each day. This doesn't boost my official followers, but it definitely boosts my viewership (which is why I focus more on the stats than the followers). My blog post from Monday got over 70 hits. That might not be much to some but to me that's a huge number.

Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed the blog as usual. Keep it up.