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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stupid Teenager Moments

Yesterday there was a meeting after church and me, Ozzy, Liam, Krista, Corrina, Abby, Sheesh, Kaylyn, Aidan, and Casey were all there. We decided it'd be a great time to go outside in the ice (yeah, the snow has frozen into ice) and ice skate.

Well, the only people who can ice skate are me and Corrina, so we just slid on the two-foot-tall blanket of ice on the churchyard. So we had to get creative, and this is where we had our STM.

Ozzy and Liam were goofing off and they asked me to go join their alliance or something. I accepted, ran inside to get Krista, and said, "Krista, come with me to the Dark Side. We have cookies."

So that's when I kinda established that we were playing Star Wars. Ozzy was Darth Vader, Liam was Darth Mol, I was Bobaphet (WHO ELSE?!), Abby was Yoda, Sheesh was Luke Skywalker, Corrina was Princess Laya, and Krista was a storm trooper, even though we begged her to be Jabba the Hut.

Well, that ice was sharp, Krista tore her sock (yep, sock) and three of my fingers were bleeding and my knee now refuses to work (only one of the fingers is seriously injured, and do what you will with my knee) but Ozzy decided to climb the hill.

THE HILL is the place where all parents forbid us to go because it's dangerous, steep, and some people STILL think there's poison ivy up there, even though they cleared that up before Zach started coming.

I may have gotten my foot stuck on a tree, Abby may have tried to yank it out, I may have fallen backwards, and I may have then busted my knee. So me, Krista, Corrina, and Abby may have gone inside because that was no longer a fun game.


Ozzy and Liam gave it up too, so we then played a game of keep-away (aka, me and Ozzy throwing a ping-pong ball around trying to keep it away from Krista) and then All-Against-Ozzy. Because he wouldn't let Krista give him a hug. Yep.

I went the youth last night. Pizza Boy showed up, which was weird, because he hasn't been to youth (or church in the past few weeks) since I've started going weekly. We talked about smoking pot and drugs and stuff, and the guy who wrote the article was smoking something as he wrote the article!!! (It was completely irrelevant)

Corrina's watching Elmo now, it came on and she's really excited, mostly because she loves Elmo with all her heart. I'll go watch now. I'm gonna go get some hemp brownies! (Pastor Mike will get the joke)


Anonymous said...


T-WAC said...

And to think I spent my entire sunday afternoon playing a video game in which one bunch of cutesy little men with guns and tanks and planes blow the doggoned heck out of another bunch of cutesy little men with guns and tanks and planes.

shannon said...

sounds like a very busy weekend.

Mike Brown said...

Good times. I think it may be worth clarifying that we were discussing the topic from an ANTI-drugs standpoint. Just in case there was confusion. Some guy tried to make a biblical argument, but it was incredibly weak. So, yeah.

Still looking forward to the awards, regardless when they happen.