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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still not a snow day...

Sigh. I'm home schooled and haven't had a snow day in five danged years. But maybe there's hope, maybe some day, mom will give us one.

Ah, who am I kidding with that one?

Anyways, school or not, I shall blog on into the wind!

I'm working on a pretty big video project right now, which I shall post sometime once it's done, but it's hard and requires a lot of editing. Which means CASSIDY does a lot of editing. I started it last week, about Thursday, and I'm STILL not done! So I'm pretty busy.

This is the LAST post you guys will be able to ask me questions on, so ask away! There is not a limit to questions that one person can ask. If you guys have been wondering something about me, don't be shy! No secrets among us, eh, guys?

You know what they say, early commenter gets the, uh, thing that commenters get. Heh.



Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Haha sorry I have a snow day today!!
My question is what inspired you to start making movies?

BostonBrown said...

Stinks about the snow day. My question is: Have you considered putting together a presentation with facts and figures and charts and such to show your parents in an effort to show why you deserve a snow day?

(=*Brookie*=) said...

My Q's:
You're homeschooled? What's that like?

Where do you get all those cool blog headers?

What's the craiziest thing you've ever done?

WHO IS PIZZA BOY?! I hear you talk about him but I don't know who he is. Can you maybe give me a link to when you posted about that?
Thanks :)

Jade said...

aww, that stinks. maybe you could ask her for one?
and hey, not to sound rude, but i have a question that's been bothering me for awhile. do you ever get bored being home-schooled? like, do you ever just miss going to school and hanging out with friends there? thanks :)

Loulou said...

I know I asked you a question, I think on your last post, so yea, if you could look for it/ find it/ answer it... Thannks!