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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Right now, I feel

Really sad. I don't know why. Just hope for me. Hope that I feel less alone. Hope that somehow, this sadness will go away.

Dear Pictures,
You’ve changed the world with your beauty and I’d love to make more of it. I love the way that you can hold a memory, a moment, and a love story in midair and never let it go. You’re what help me see the brighter side of things. I only wish I could make better ones so that I could inspire people the way you do. You really do inspire us. I thank you for being the pictures, because you are pictures that we see. You are the most amazing thing that’s happened to my world
I just wrote this. I hoped it would make me feel better. I love you guys.



Marg said...

I hope you feel better!

*Brookie* said...

Oh, Cassidy, Feel better(: I know how it feels, but trust me, you'll be up and hyper and chill in a few hours.... that's the magic of hormones.....

Just do something to distract you; you'll feel A LOT better <333

BostonBrown said...

I love your love for photography btw.

Lily said...

I hope you feel happy soon. Happy Cassidy! Happy! I hate feeling sad aswell.

The photos are really pretty aswell. Especially te first one.

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Everything will get better soon, I'm sure of it. Just stay strong for now, and remember that you definitely aren't alone. I feel like this all the time, and the feeling does go away eventually.
I hope you're okay :)

yui said...

Nice to meet you.
I'm always excited on your new story.

↘Cassidy↙ said...

i love you guys.