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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Question day...

Okay, you wonderful guys asked me a lot of questions! I'm going to answer them in the order that I feel like it:

Brookie asked me: WHO IS PIZZA BOY????

My answer: Hahaha, yeah, I guess I never fully established who he is. Pizza Boy is a nickname I gave to a fifteen-year-old kid at my church whom I particularly dislike. His real name is Anthony. He's Zach's older brother. (Zach is an annoying child whom turned twelve a couple of days ago) You can find out a little more about Pizza Boy by clicking here.

Brookie asked me: You're homeschooled?

My answer: Yes, I am. But that will change in eight grade, when I plan to go to private school.

Brookie asked me: Where do you get all these cool blog headers?

My answer: To tell you the truth, I make them. And as I get bored with my blog often, I change it up a lot. I think this one's here to stay though. I love it!

Brookie asked me: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

My answer: Well, one time I convinced Zach and this kid named RJ that I was drowning on purpose! Oh, that was pretty awesome. That might not have been the absolute craziest. Just what comes to mind.

Jade asked me: Do you ever get bored of being homeschooled?

My answer: Yes, I do! And I miss my friends very much. Like I told Brookie, I am going back to school in eight grade, so this problem will probably be resolved.

Pastor Mike asked me: Have you ever considered making a chart...to show your mom why you should get a snow day?

My answer: This was a rather long question, so I put in some dots. And my mom always gives me an excuse, so I simply don't bother.

Jen in the Purple Pants asked me: What inspired you to start making movies?

My answer: This was a great question, Jen! Actually, there is one group that inspired me called the KayTee group. They do some fake commercials and are my inspiration. PinaButter wouldn't exist without them.

Loulou asked me: Is you had to choose between sugar-free fruit juice and sugary water, what would you choose and why?????

My answer: Well, I'd choose juice because 1: It's yummier, and 2: sugar free is slightly healthier.

Loulou asked me: What keeps you posting ever day, or almost? How come you never run out of ideas?

My answer: Another good question. I really like you guys, and I'm kinda proud of myself that you like this blog so much. Most of the time, I talk about my life, (church, annoying people, my family, video games...) and poems are when I'm frustraited or in a quietish or depressed mood, but sometimes I have nothing to say and do crazy posts that make 0 amout of sence.

Pastor Mike asked me: What are your aspirations in life?

My answer: Heh heh, no I did not just look up what the word Aspirations means on dictionary.com, heh. And I want to be a writer, and write teen books when I get older. I want to grow up, marry a Christian man when I'm old enough, adopt children, and write.

Brookie asked me: If a geenie popped out of a latern, what would you wish for?

My answer: Well, let's say I got the ole cleche three-wish thing. My first wish was that there'd be a delicious vegetarian cafe in my town, close enough for me and Corrina to bike to and get a veggie burger or a cocoa or something. My second wish would be that we could get a water slide for our pool. My third wish would be that my family could go on one of those home decorating shows where my bedroom could be awesome.

Thanks so much for asking me, you guys! I hope I got them all...If I missed one, I'm sorry. Anyways, thanks for reading! :)

Cassidy the Monisa-and-Corrina-now-wants-to-use-El-Laptopio.


Aoife. said...

Ohh, Cassidy, you're the nicest person on the blogosphere!! Thank you for such a nice comment, and I'm sorry I'm not commenting on your blog as often as I mean to.
I loved loved loved this post though :)

T-WAC said...

Wow! Good answers!
Some of those questions were pretty crazy.
And here's another one: why would you nickname someone you don't like "PizzaBoy?"
Grr, now I'm hungry. PizzaBoy makes me think of PizzaBites, which are wickedly awesome (but also wickedly expensive).

BostonBrown said...

I'll try to keep my words simpler next time I write you a question. I don't typically think about who may or may not know what they mean. I have a strong conviction when it comes to diction.

Anyway, that was a creative idea and an enjoyable post to read. Not sure if your parents would let you, but there is a website specifically designed for asking/answering questions called formspring. I'm not familiar enough with it to know how good it is, but I know some people who swear by it. Anyway, I think this should be a weekly installment.