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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Lemon Drops!

OhMyGrabness Grabness! You guys won't ever guess what happened today!

If you guessed I visited a paper factory, then you're WRONG! If you guessed Zach got run over by a steamroller, then (sadly) you're WRONG! (Just jokin') (well, about the sadly part. He didn't get run over by a steamroller!) If you guessed I got a dwarf mouse, then you're RIGHT!

Yes! I got a little mousie! His name is Senior Cardgage! (He's named after this crazy charictor, whom you can find a video of here, but this video's a little big. If you can't see that one, then click here instead) He's white with big brown spots, he's adorable, friendly, climbs up my arm, cute, and I'll post pictures of him sometime!

Corrina got a mouse too! Her name is Cindy Brade Lady. (Whoever has watched that show would get it) She's white, clingy, unwilling to be held by any other then Casey, and spazzy. They're both so cute!

Leave comments for them! They love being talked to. :)


*Brookie* said...

You guys have great owners!

Loulou said...

O to the M to the GEEE!!!! MOUSIIIEEEE!!!! Hope you guys have a bunch of fun with your mousies!!!! Ehem, i mean dwarf mousies!!!! <3