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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A heads up

Hi guys. Just to give you a little warning, I might not be posting all that much for a while. Don't panic, I'm not dying or terribly sick or getting my electricity cut or something crazy like that. But we're having a bit of trouble with something around here that will probably be solved soon. I'm not quitting blogging, but you guys aren't going to be spoiled with a post every single day anymore (well, at least for a while.)

You: What? Oh, come on, Cass! What's up?
Me: Not much, but not that many posts shall follow.
You: Crap. Okay, fine. Then what do I do?
Me: I dunno. Go buy me a veggie burger.
You: What? Why would I do that? Oh, fine. I'll be back. (Fifteen minutes) Here's your veggie burger, Cassidy.
Me: Thank you, oh faithful slave. Now I shall go eat my veggie burger in the kitchen.

Well, it would appear that I have a veggie burger in the kitchen waiting for me. So, bye-bye.


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Veggie burgers :D

T-WAC said...

Well, I hope you guys resolve this trouble soon. Oh and by the way, thanks for the advice.

Aoife. said...

Ohh, I hope that everything is ok.
I'll be ready and reading when you get back, though. :)

Icebat said...

no! don't go!

yui said...

I always enjoy visitig here.

Jessica said...


I have yet to try a veggie burger!!!!

BostonBrown said...

Veggie burger for me too?

brookie. said...

I'll miss you :( But you'll be back, right?