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Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 sick 2 upload

Ugh, hey guys. (*Sniff*) I have some slightly bad news. I'm sick. :( :( Total bummer. We went to visit Aunt Vick today. (Uncle Dave showed up after a while) Their downstairs is wicked nice. :)

So, yeah, back to me being sick. I went to church and crashed in the youth room on a couch, and I didn't wake up until eleven o'clock. Let me explain, church starts at ten thirty. So I just slept through half an hour of church. ;O But I got up and ran into service (well, ran as in walked-without-falling-over like I was this morning) and sort-of sung the last song. (With a sore throat, it was more of mouthing the words)

Well, it's bedtime now. Everyone hope I get better soon :)

Cassidy the sicky-blah-blah-Monisa


BrookieLovesBookies said...

I'm SO SORRY!!! I hate being sick! I actually had a really bad headache today and was dead tired so I feel your pain (: you'll get better soon, I promise.

ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

Ohh it sucks being sick; I know how you feel. I also feel the exact same as Brookie right now.
Of course you will get well soon xx

Loulou said...

Awww... WHY???? why would anyone want you to be sick???? oh well, have fun at home and make sure to rest! and if you get dizzy, might i suggest sleeping? :)