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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me and Lauren and Krysta should open a photo studio

Okay, so, at the ham give away for church, I brought my camera. So me, Lauren, and Krysta (for those of you who don't know, they're my friends from church; Krysta is my age and Lauren is, like, fifteen) took some wicked awesome pictures! As you all know, I love taking pictures and when I get older, I might look into it (aside from being a writer and actress and musician; I'm very busy) for a profession. So here are our beautiful pictures!

Lauren wanted me to take this picture; it's on a fence by this field. I like it.
Krysta took this one. From left to right, it's Lauren, Krysta, and I'm the tall person on the right. (My dad loves this picture. I do too)
This one's just my classic shoes. (For those of you who asked, YES, I have green sneakers! :)
My sneakers and Lauren's gray boots. She says she wears those all the time too.
I love this picture. Lauren's on the end, then it's Krysta, then me. My hair was kinda crazy that day, I know. This might be my new blog picture. (Anyone agree?)
This is on my sidebar. Everyone totally wanted to be in our pictures, so I had everyone gather. They formed a circle, so I took a picture of the circle. :) Another option for photo.
This is the last picture. I like it because it's really simplistic, but not that boring. Maybe my header someday. This was taken at the gym for the event. Me and all the other kids (except Liam, Krysta, and Lauren; they had to give out hams) went in the gym because it was so freakin cold outside!!!!!

Who likes these pictures? (And yeah, I know, I'll try and do better.) Don't forget, we're still one away from fifty and it's making me anxious! Another thing making me anxious is that it's THREE HECKIN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and I'm so hyper!

Actually, you can't tell by the way I type, but really, I'm kinda tired today. I woke up about an hour earlier then usual this morning (and stayed in bed because it's snowy and cold) and so I'm tired.

Okay, now, if you guys like these and want to see some more, don't hesitate to comment! That's c-o-m, m-e-n-t. Once again, that's c-o-m, m-e-n-t. And yes, I am trying to sound like a shoe rack commercial.


Addie said...

I love the shoe pictures!! And you have awesome sneakers :) haha.

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