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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Award to you! (Unless you didn't recieve it...)

I know I haven't done this is a REALLY long time, but I did manage to find another clip art photo on the laptop. So, as most of you know, I used to do an award every month that I make, but I haven't done it in a while. So here it tis!

Well, here's how these work. I'll nominate five people, one will be counted out, do a first-prize winner, a runner up, second runner up, and third runner up. Only one person gets it and may pass it on to another person in the same way that I did!

And here are the nominees:
Random Rawr
and Abby!

And (duh duh duh duh duh drumrolllllllllll!) our third runner up is:

Congratulations! Your blog is wonderful! (However, I'm sorry, you did not get the award) Maybe next time, Brookie!

And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee second runner up is:

Good work, my fine fine follower, your blog is great! And even though you didn't get the award, you're still fabulous!

And the FIRST runner up issssssssss:

Oh, clap clap clap, good show! Your blog is pretty amazing, that's for sure! And you're lovely!

Which means it's between Addie and Melanie. Now, just because one of you will be counted out doesn't mean I dislike your blog. It's just because I don't have enough award to go around.
The winner is: (Such tension!)

You got the award! I love your blog and think most of the stuff you post is absolutely and truly amazing! CONGRATULATIONS!

This award can go on your blog. Sorry, if you didn't get it, there is no consolation prize. Thank you for making my life amazing, to all five of you.

Btw: CHRISTMAS IS TWO DAYS AWAY!!! I'm so exited! It's just thursday and then, BAM, it's Christmas eve! I'm so happy! I hope I don't get something dumb. Like a bunny costume. Or a hamburger. What would really be annoying would probably be a) pink sneakers, b) a bag of pecans, or c) a cookbook titled "SO YOU LIKE MEAT?"

Yep. That would kinda stink.
Cassidy the Monisa


*Brookie* said...

Thanks Cassidy!! It feels great to be a nominee!! It still made me very happy(: Your awesome! Thanks again(:

Addie said...

yaaay thanks for nominating me! :D