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Friday, December 10, 2010

Who likes cats playing the piano? (I do)

Today's topic is keyboard cat.

Okay, who hasn't heard of keyboard cat? I didn't until the other day when keyboard cat was used in a commercial for cashews. (uh, why a cat in a cashew commercial?) Anyways, I loved the song and decided I wanted to learn it on the piano. It took me all of five seconds to learn.

So I found out that keyboard cat is a video on YouTube. And I'm not uploading it because, well, I don't have enough time. But I DID make a video of ME playing the song and a tutorial for you guys to see! I'm going to see if the videos are cool with my dad. I didn't show my face, outside yard, or use my real voice. (I sound super squeaky) Do you guys want to see the videos I made?

They're kinda funny, actually. I'm known for my movie making genius! (Snobby hair flip!) Haha, no, I'm just kiddin', but the truth is, I do make some cute videos. Tell me if you want to see my keyboard cat song one.

Cassidy the Monisa


Loulou said...

I WANNA SEE THE SONG!!! KEYBOARD CAT KEYBOARD CAT!!! Im sure you are a perfect little piano player anyways!

Addie said...

Yeah you should post the video! I wanna see it!

BrookieLovesBookies said...

I want ot see ot!! Post it post it post it post it pleeesseee pretty pleeeese!!! <333333