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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It snowed last night. :) That almost makes up for the fact that I'm still (sadly) sick and now I've got headaches. When is this going to go away?!?! Anyways, snow is really wonderful and I love it. Oh, today, for school, we watched this documentary on McDonalds. This guy ate there three times a day for a month. BLAH!

Hamburgers for a month? Ew. Positively gross. I don't even think Zach could be able to do THAT. (And he's in love with meatloaf!)

Snow. It's amazing. I love snow. :) :) :) Merry eleven-days until Christmas.

Speaking of which, in the past few days, I've had,
(Sing to the tone of eleven days of Christmas)
Eleven used tissues,
Ten coughing fits,
Nine hours napping,
Eight feel-better hugs,
Seven glasses of water,
Six comments from you guys,
Five warm blankeeeeeeeeeets!
Four glasses of milk,
Three cough drops,
Two Motrin pills,
And o-uu-uune juuuuuuuice booooooooox!

Hehe, bye guys! :)


ЯANdOM ЯAWR said...

You guys on the northern hemisphere keep saying "it snowed"! It's so not fair since right now I'm sweating like there's no tomorrow.
That sucks, I'd rather be sick than have a headache but to have both is torture! Argh.

BrookieLovesBookies said...

Aww I wish it snowed over here): Great song, by the way:)

Lily said...

Hi Cassidy! I'm Lily and I started following your blog about a week ago and I really like it :)

You are so lucky you get snow where you live. I wish it got cold enough to snow where I am.

Lily x
P.S. I awarded you at my blog.

Loulou said...

WHY WHY WHY DO YOU GET SNOW.... It was snowing today too but it wont stay... Anyways I really hope you get better soon!!!! And your song rocks!

Kristen said...

Dang, that field with snow is pretty beautiful. Where I live, our roads are iced, so we are currently out of school, even though we only have tomorrow until Winter Break 6_6
Hope you enjoy your Christmas, and feel better as well! By the way, I saw your 11 Days of Christmas song thing; on my other RESEARCH blog (which I had to use for school), 2 titles of my five entries are to the tune of 12 Days (;