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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another poem

I can deal with hissy fits
Yelling, screaming, stuff like that.
I can deal with whining a lot
About stuff that really doesn't matter.
But there's something in the voice,
How demanding, just to say,
"You better give it to me NOW!
I want it NOW!"
There's something stupid about it.
Everyone can act like a spoiled brat,
But not all the time.
I can handle anything,
I always used to say
But what I can't handle is screaming things
That were never meant to say.
You got what you wanted,
Isn't that enough?
What more can you ask for?
You have enough stuff!
Greedy, selfish, conceited dreams
Drive me off the wall.
Why can't well all just accept what we're given
Instead of demanding more?
Small children have to learn
That life does not revolve around them.
If no one shows you that,
If you're pampered since you were young,
Given anything you wanted,
And have all the attention on you,
Then you are gonna be one miserable,
Screaming, ungreatful, selfish,
Unhappy, conceited, spoiled
BRAT when you get older.


Loulou said...

Wow, you are really talented! I am amazed! Sorry I haven't been commenting, but long story short my computer hates me and only works at home, and I was away from home, but all is back to normal! <3

~Abby~ said...

Yes, they must be taught. And teenagers/adults that are like that, were never shown as a young child to not be selfish. That's not their fault; it was their parent/guardian's fault.
That doesn't mean we should hate them/resent them..maybe we could help them.
Great piece of writing. :)


Jade said...

so true! tell that to my brother...

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

I hate when children get exactly what they want, even when they aren't supposed to have it. So annoying! This poem described it perfectly!