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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ehmagawsh, gal pals, it's, like, totally, like, C-mas Vaca! I vote we all have, like, a totally mongo slumba partay and invite all our besties! Like, ya, totally!

Eh hem.

That was my imitation of a valley girl. I had to do that voice for this play with my church. (Annoying) That was the one where (oddly) Pizza Boy got the lead role. I think his mom bribed the director or something like that...

So, yes, the topic of this post isn't acting or gally gals, it's about (in high-pitched valley girl voice) like, GAL PALS!

(Me voice) As most of you know, my best person friends are Katie, Shannon, and Jessica. But I rarely see them (that's really awful because those guys are {squeaky} totally radical!), and I see other people a lot more often. Like Felicia, my cousin. And Zach, my twerp. And Liam, uh, Liam's a turkey sandwich.

What, I don't know!

So this week, in honor of Christmas vacation, tomorrow I'm having my little cousins Hunter and Jordan (Hunter is a boy, Jordan is a girl) over, Thursday Katie comes over (YAY), Friday we have a rest period, and Jessica sleeps over on the weekend (maybe. we haven't called her about that yet, heh heh)

And then, um, we go back to school.

Of course, I consider all of YOU my friends, it's just, well, you guys are all from, like, Europe and Africa and places that you really can't come over to hang out on two days notice. The only person I know who's out of state that I've visited is my Aunt June, and, um, that family of people in New Hampshire.

The name escapes me, but we went to visit them! I think they had a daughter about Corrina's age named Samantha...or something like that. Yep. There was a Samantha in there. They have Dance Dance Revolution at their house. Well, pshaw, WE have Beatles Rockband!

Cassidy the Rockband-Monisa


Loulou said...

Well I wish I could come visit you but I think that two 10 hour flights are too much for two short days of rockin out on Beatles Rockband... Anyways its too bad, but hopefully we can "hang out" on the blogosphere! See you there!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

That stinks that you don't get to see your best friends often, but hanging out with your cousins sounds like fun! Yeah, and like Loulou says, we can hang out in the blogsphere!

I'm Katie said...

Just a note:
Cass doesn't like to hang with all her cuz's.
But I'LL see ya thursday Cass!

BostonBrown said...

Of course, you also get to see the likes of me a lot more often. I'd call you pretty lucky for that...hehe