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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Driving around the state (WOC edition)/A thank you

It's one of Cassidy's famous TWO TOPIC POSTS! Dang, I barely do these anymore. I used to all the time. I guess Cassidy evolving into a new, better, more weirdish blogger.

Topic one:
Today, my mom was talking to Corrina in the car on our way to CHILL. But she wasn't paying much attention to where she was going, so we ended up on the way to church for no good reason. Then we got to CHILL late, and guess what?

Only me. Only today would it be cancelled.

Yup. You read the type. It was cancelled. AH! Nuts! Come on! Why would you do this to me, Mr. Fate? Why would you send us all around the world and back for no purpose? Well, actually, there was a purpose. We bought dad's Christmas presents. (Shh, don't tell him!)

Oh, and this was just the WOC rendition. To see the original post on Llamas and Lipstick (my other beautiful blog) please click here.

Topic two:
I just want to thank everyone out there who's reading this. This blog means a lot to me and I appreciate all the nice things you guys say about me and my blog. You all have to know that you're the sweetest, nicest, most wonderful group of followers a person could ask for!

A special thanks to:
Dad: For, well, being my dad!
Loulou: You are probably my most enthusiastic follower! You almost always comment and I want to tell you how much it means to me having you on this big hunk of computer screen. You're a friend and a great one at that, and I want to let you know that. (oh, and you have a good blog :P)
Addie: For commenting on my very first post (forever later :D) and following and un-following and following again. I love craziness. And you rock.
Everyone else who makes this blog what it is: You're all too kind to comment.

My very first post was Saturday, April 12th, 2008. I was nine. I wanted to be a rock star. I loved Webkinz, Hannah Montana, and randomness. I was a nine year old girl!

Now, I look back and see how different I am. Here I am, typing this, completely different in every way. Blue nails clicking away, peace-sign bracelet, hair half-done up in a ponytail, half-hanging in my face like a mop. Jeans torn in five different places, two socks that don't match, gray shirt that reads "I know Karate, and like three other Japanese words" and freckles splattering my face.

No matter how much I change, my blog still has the same value since Day 1. Quote from first post, "I think blogging can help me share my thoughts" Unquote. That's still the motive here and gosh, this is a long post!

You guys are wonderful. Thanks and love,
Cassidy the Monisa

(To view my first post, please click here)

1 comment:

Addie said...

You're welcome, and thanks for thanking me!! Haha :D this was an interesting post. I always like looking at "back then" and comparing it to "now". It makes me realize how much has changed and how much every event of my life has had an impact on me and made me who I am today.

Keep blogging!