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Friday, December 31, 2010

My year in a blog post

Everyone else is doing posts about what they've accomplished this year. And Pmike did a post about his top three everything-but-sandwiches of the year. So I'm going to do my favorites.

The Best Of 2010!

Best friend(s): Jessica, Katie, and Shannon, as always.
Best feel-good moment: The boys being adopted.
Best Cassidy-is-the-star moment: Our Cabaret.
Best Casey quote: We were playing a board game. "I'm gonna play hippo the pottamus!"
Best feeling-grown-up moment: Probably the day we had our kid's church farewell party to me and the other older kids.
Best be-as-crazy-as-you-want moment: The youth all-nighter.
Best day: Everyday. There was not a single day this year that I don't remember being happy for at least ten seconds.

The Worst of 2010!

Worst enemy: Still Pizza Boy, as it has been for four years now.
Worst feel-bad moment: Corrina couldn't have Alyssa over because she had other plans. (Why did I feel bad about that again...?)
Worst Cassidy-doesn't-matter moment: I didn't really have one of these this year.
Worst thing someone said: Um, no one really insulted me. The closest we get is Ozzy telling me he's going to shoot me with a paintball gun.
Worst feeling-too-young moment: Parents consistently telling me I can't get a cell phone. Oh well. Next year.
Worst you-must-sit-still-or-else moment: Let's see, no funerals, no weddings, and no college orientations, I'd say this year was Cassidy-can-be-crazy year.
Worst day: Ah, the day before Christmas eve. You just want it to be over! It's so hard to just get through one more day!

In this past year, I've gotten taller, my hair is longer, become a youth, made new friends, strengthened my old friendships, gotten two brand-new brothers, been in a real play on a real stage, got asked on a date TWICE, gotten sock monkey slippers, learned how to somewhat play the piano, and gained about 47 followers. I've also done 201 blog posts, met all of you guys, made you all my friends, checked out your blogs, and read some of them as soon as the posts are out!

This has been an incredible year. When I look back on this year, I'll probably remember Shannon and me burying her Strawberry Stortcake doll, me tickling Casey, Zach being slightly-less-pesty then last year (maybe there is hope for him...), Aidan learning how to read, me laughing with my friends, and I'll see this blog. This year, my blog really shone to it's highest. In the three years this blog has been here, this year had to be the best. When I look back, I'll see Loulou and Jade and Brooke and Abby and all you guys. I'll see Katie's pink peace sign and those crazy Asian people with unpronounceable names!

Thanks for surviving another year with me. Maybe you'll make it through next year without laughing yourself to death. But I doubt it.

Cassidy the Monisa


Addie said...

This was cool, I'm going to do this on my blog too!! I usually just write down accomplishments of the year in a journal or something but I think I'll do it on a blog.
Oh, i got a new blog... It's one that I have on my own :) Sooo will you check it out? Thanks :D

*Brookie* said...

This post really made me smile(: See ya next year...

BostonBrown said...

Well, I'm glad I could inspire you to do this blog (let's face it, I inspired you...end of story).

I'm thrilled that you had such an amazing year. And I believe that God wants 2011 to be even better than 2010, though I'm not sure your family could handle adding new members again.

Sorry I missed out on your blog most of this year. I was blogged-down all year...haha. Well, I'll be doing my best to stay tuned throughout 2011! I can't wait to read more.

The only question I have is: What's the deal with being asked on a date twice? I had heard nothing about this...