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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't wanna grow up, I wanna be a Toys R Us kid

It's CHRISTMAS TIME happy December! Know what that means, right, guys? That means that every parent in the world will most likely be visiting a TOY STORE for their kids! And every child in America wants (well, with the exception of ME because the store is all dolls-and-trucks and other stereotyped children's toy) their folks to visit TOYS R US, the scariest toy store ever!

Yup. It's that time. Time for mommy wars. "But MY little girl wants that doll!" Those fights can lead to broken bones and broken toys, people. This is a time for gentleness, right? Please control yourselves from throwing other people into cash registers because they got your Bitzy Blah-Blah doll that your daughter Betty just REALLY wanted.


Like I said, this is a time for gentleness.
Cassidy the mega-hyper Monisa


Loulou said...

NOMG!!! I miss Toys R Us and like fights at malls and christmas music that makes you want to murder santa clause... Is that just me?? K never mind then..... Anyways, im sorry my update consumed your time, please forgive me, and if you must hate me, hate me, but not the blog, k? LOVE YOUR LITTLE FACE!!! ( not that I have ever seen it, but you know? I just know its very pretty!!!)

Aoife. said...

Hahah, oh Cassidy you are hilarious : " Please control yourselves from throwing other people into cash registers..." FTW. :D

Loulou said...

Hey!!! just wanted to say that I have a little surprise for you on my blog, so check that out!!! LOVEEE

Rezden said...

Agreed. The message of love and peace needs to be the focus and now "You saved how much on this?" or "Aww, thanks for you the gift."

Melanie♥♥♥ said...

Haha, thanks for the "BLAH" comment on my blog haha. It was very unexpected but it was funny. :)
And I agree with you..about the toys r us thing haha. :)

Addie said...

yeaah i agree with you. and i also agree that Toys R Us is a scary store! plus, they didn't spell "are" right :P haha!