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Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry Christmas

okay, who doesn't feel exhausted? uh huh. i didn't see any hands up there. i'm tired too. as a matter of fast, christmas just went. it's nine o'clock christmas night. i'm going to bed in a while. let's see, what did i do today?

presents: oh yes, plenty of those. woke up at two am to look at them. aunt terry got me super mario galaxy, which has to be one of the greatest games ever. my parents gave me a sandwich. i'm serious. they gave me peanut butter, then jelly, then two slices of bread.

yeah. that's what they got me.

oh, and i found, in the laundry room, beatles rockband and band hero.

:) yep. and they're all awesome. to all my relatives, thank you sooooo much for all the cool stuff you got me. i love all of it. (and, uh, uncle chuck, thank you for the incredibly random t-shirt. he got me motor club 1956, six string records, and san fransisco)

food: cinamon buns for breakfast, as always. a cheese sandwich for lunch. mac n cheese for dinner. cheesecake for desert. yum. :)

social: we went over grammy's house on mom's side and i got thumbtacks. and a tackboard. they tricked me too. :D liam, lauren, and their family came over tonight. we had a lot of fun playing band hero. after a while, everyone else went upstairs, so me and liam just took over. liam did guitar, i did vocals.

okay, i didn't do REAL vocals. i made up words and sung them to the song and talked to myself. and by the end of most songs, i had liam laughing. it was a lot of fun. there was one song where it said that every cowboy sings his sad song.

well, what about the mute cowboys? what about them? or the happy cowboys? WHAT KIND OF SONG WERE THE HAPPY COWBOYS SINGING?

best moment: singing YMCA for real (as in the real lyrics) me, liam, and corrina screamed it at the top of our lungs while i did guitar. it was awesome. i hope you guys had a merry christmas! :)

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~Abby~ said...

Wow, what a nice present! I always wanted a sandwhich for Christmas! XD

Sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas though! :)