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Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas (vacation)

Okay, my Christmas post wasn't that terrific, I admit, it was just kinda tired and boring, I'll admit. I wrote it at, like, nine thirty at night after Liam and Lauren left. I was wiped out.

Vacation is wonderful, as always. We get extra video game time, no school, and time to play with our new stuff. (Meaning Beatles rockband)

As usual, the only thing that annoys me lately is Zach. He got a DSi for Christmas, and an Xbox, and Kinect for Xbox, and apparently a remote control helicopter. (Mommy's favorite? I think YES!) And he was acting like a total jerk on Sunday, too. What gives?! If you understand how eleven-year-old boy minds work, well, then congratulations, you get the, um, very smart person award. The VSPA. Vispa.

You get a Vispa.

So, yeah, he finally let me play with his DSi. And I got good stuff too. And a sandwich. My parents gave me a sandwich. Ozzy opened all his presents Christmas eve. Krysta got an mp3 player with Pocoyo on it. (YES, POCOYO! OH THE CUTENESS!) Liam got a sweatshirt. And Zach made out like a bandit.

A spoiled bandit with a bad haircut.

Okay, enough making fun of Zach now! The boys got a lot of loud, obnoxious toys. Corrina got an adequate amount of makeup. And Aunt Terry got me a Nightmare before Christmas poster that I won't be able to put in my room because Corrina says it creeps her out. I REALLY liked that poster. REALLY.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

Well, enough of that. I gotta go! Happy Christmas vacation!


Addie said...

Ohh that's sad about the poster!! :( You could always do I what I do with posters... I hang them in my closet! I hang out in my closet a lot though. It's like my room inside of my room. Hehe :P

Loulou said...

Aww... That poster story brought me down a little, ,and i know what you mean, my brother got a DSiXL!!! And a wii game and two HUGE lego things, and i got less important stuff, but still really good stuff!!! Have a great day!!!!