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Monday, December 20, 2010

It's time for...RAMBLING!

I have 49 followers now! YAY! That's only one away from fifty! I know some of you major-league guys get, like, fifty followers a week, but for me it's a big deal! So I only need one more! (If anyone knows anyone who wants to follow a really funny and awesome blog, send them here. If you know someone who was to follow a really deep, interesting, thoughtful blog, well, then, the can go get a sandwich or something like that)

Last night was the church youth party. Remember that kid Jesse who shoved food in my face at three am? (Long story short, it was an all nighter, and we were pretty much so doped up on Little Debbies, we were worse then junkies at that hour) Well, he was there last night. But he didn't make me eat anything gross. (THANK YOU GOD!!!!)

Speaking of food, many of you should know that I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian. (That means, naive fellows, that I do not eat chicken, meat, or fish, but everything else except nuts cuz I'm allergic) And last night EVERYTHING had meat in it. So Mrs. Polly was so nice and separated cheese from peperoni pizza rolls so I could have something to eat. :)

We also watched Charlie Brown (which is an old cartoon, for those of you out of country) and played like sixty-five rounds of ninja (which is a game Pmike enjoys intensely apparently) and one game of mafia. (Which is the game of murdering) (I know I put everything in ( ) form, bear with me)

( ) ( ) 9 0 ( )

Haha, okay, yous guys, get me another follower and I'll upload some pictures for you guys of the cookie party and some shots of shoes. Yeah, it was the church Christmas ham give away, me, Lauren, and Krysta messed around with the camera. I took a ton of shots and everyone was so cooperative about it; whenever I said I needed to take another picture, they jumped at it and now I found my new blog picture. (You guys help me decide)


Sorry. I couldn't help doing that. Oh, and I heard that quality rules over quantity from the lovely Aoife, and I post a lot and I'm getting like five comments on average, so I wonder, do you guys think of me more as a really good blogger, or as an often blogger?

As always around here, comments are always needed. They help with your diet. And they're high in calories. Well, okay, I know that's a contrast, I'm not dumb, but seriously, COMMENTS are what make the world go around.

And you just might explode.

POOF! There! All you non-comments just vanished! (So you better comment or else this might happen to you)


Sarcasmic Ross said...

50 followers a week?! That'd be awesome :P 70 over two years is my current amount. Damn lazy people not wanting to read our awesomeness.

I liked it :)

Addie said...

Okay!! I'll help ya with that last follower.... hehe

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

OMZ I HAVE NUT ALLERGIES TOO!!! Who needs nuts anyway lol
Ok this was one of your funniest posts... I love how you said they could go get a sandwich if they're looking for a thoughtful blog :D
You're almost there!!! It was such a big deal for me too when I got fifty!! Man some people are just too lazy to press the follow button lol

Tony said...

oh daughter o mine.. i have used your pic of your shoes from the ham giveaway as my new work computer desktop pic..

rock on girl