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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cassidy got an award because her blog is lovely

Yes, yes, my blog is luv-eh-lee, I know. But just to prove it I got an award that says so! SO GIVE IT UP FOR...the amazing lil' MELANIE!!!!!!!!! (She gave me this award) So thanks so much, Melanie, and now, back to the program....

Here it be:

And it CLEARLY states that my blog is lovely. And so I shall now award it to 3 (just 3, mind you) of my UL-TI-MATE favorite blogs. (Yep. This post is a lot more dramatic and shouty then I usually am. Just read on, oh person)

Um, I choooooooooooooooooooooose,

Loulou's Lil Bits
Something Beautiful
and The girl in the Purple Pants: Middle School

Congradulations, all of you! I shall not make you aware of your mistake, uh, I mean, award! So, toodles and NEVER, EVER FORGET TO COMMENT!


Loulou said...


BostonBrown said...

Um...I have a lovely blog.

Ok fine...had. I'm going to pick it back up again though. I miss blogging.