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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why scary?

I'm a huge fan of scary. I hate nightlights, and I love my black cat Chester. But, why is Halloween scary? I mean, some people go way overboard with the decor. There's this house near my sister's dance studio where this guy's got blowups for every season. I'm not dissing Halloween decor, I personally love the pumpkin carving and all that jazz, but you don't need to make your house look like the outside of a laboratory. I was looking through an oriental trading company mag. just last night, and they have kits of stuff to make a whole room! It's a waste of money, and who's really gonna care, other then a few bloggers who care about how much they overdue things. If you're one of the people who luuuuuuve the decor, sorry if I offended you. By the way, if you're in my neighborhood, please do NOT egg my house. I will egg yours if you do.

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