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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I need to do something!

Hi. I'm at my cousin's house. I have NOTHING to do! So I came to my last resource. Blogging! Facebook is apparently off limits. I don't have a facebook, but it's still off limits. Anyways, I'll tell you some stuff I did today (not gonna be the blog of the day, but I'm bored). Okay, I was in the church play today. Yay! And next week I get to go to a cast party. Oh, and today, this was only about an hour ago, me Zach, and Sheesh were playing outside in the snow, and so we found out that it was good snowball snow. So we clumped the snow together and threw it at the window to the room the youth were in. We did this for a while. Then, we were firing, and Anthony (one of the youth) comes out and starts hurling snow at Zach. It was fun. So, nothing else happened. Well, news. Zach is playing with a bat on the fan. I've just explained to Zach how blogging works. Okay, no! Sorry, that was to Zach. Never mind that. Well, I gotta go. Catfight with Sheesh and KK. Bye!

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BostonBrown said...

That was a fun, random day of snow. Though I stayed by the fireplace.