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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A VEEEEEEERRRY merry un-Brithday to me!

Today's my UN-birthday! Woo-ho! Who got me presents? No one? Poo. Well, my birthday is coming up in two weeks. I want a Sony MP3 player. And for my friends Shannon (Tweezers girl, five kids, small house, you know her), Katie (Monkey friends), and Jessica (new friend) to sleep over. Princess the puppet is not-invited fir the second year in a row. I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm turning eleven. Yay! One more year until I go into youth.

Not to ecstatic about that one.

Well, I still have a year left. Anyways, UN-birthdays are awesome! And they come 364 days a year! Unless you have a leap-year birthday. Then, it's often 365 days. It's funny how that when you have a birthday at the end of the year, it feels like you have to wait longer. I have a November birthday, so it feels like I have a while to wait. But, two weeks! Now, okay, I have absolutely no Halloween costume. I'm going to a Slime fest at this church, but I still want to have costume. I don't have a lot of options. I can't be anything gory, nothing spooky or offending, and it has to be something I can make. So, maybe I'll go as a tomboy. Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. Anyways, it's still two days away. TWO DAYS? Oh, I guess I should work on my costume then. Bye!

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BostonBrown said...

First, you'll be happy to know that now that marathon training is over and things are settling down for me, I should be back on the blog-o-sphere for a while now.

Second, you'll be happy to know that I will be teaching Ms. Polly's class this Sunday and will be in there on a more regular basis helping Ms. Polly from now on.

Third, Happy Un-birthday. Well, hopefully I will remember to wish you a Happy Birthday when it comes. I did hear that this birthday celebration may cause you to miss the talent show. If this is true we will miss you.

Fourth, Princess is crying.

That is all for now.